What is real?

For 30+ years, I’ve made commercial and fine art with a single point of view:  Nothing is cooler than real.                                      

But in a world of AI, VR, and neural networks, what is real?

Is it happiness?  Meaning?  Clicks?  Money?  Does it even matter?


Music. Books. Insight Consulting. Teaching.

What is real? The human point of view.  Doesn’t matter how you get there.   You want to use a computer?  A paintbrush?  Wetware?  Get on with it.

Just remember who it’s for.  Who it serves. 

Through a dozen records, 4 novels, Fortune 500 consulting and university teaching, the tools change.  But the last filter is always a human voice.

A voice is more than a set of opinions. Opinions are what get borrowed to sound smart. A voice is a point of view with the power to make.  We recognize it instantly.

What is real? A singular human voice, pushed through any set of tools and out into the world.


Reed Arvin is an author, consultant, music producer, and teacher.  His music productions have sold millions of units.  His 4 novels are published around the world in many languages.   The rights have been sold to Hollywood and Broadway.

Reed consults on a limited basis with clients who want to add creative value to product design, strategic planning, and employee motivation.  His client list includes Fortune 500 companies.

Once a year Reed teaches a highly-regarded course in creativity at Lipscomb University, Nashville, TN.



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